Collection Strategies

Collection Loans & The Collector Car Sales Trust

Our lenders treat collector cars similar to fine art, allowing you to borrow against the appraised value while you maintain possession of the vehicle(s).


We take a consulting approach, starting by cataloging your assets, developing a financial analysis, reviewing how they have performed against financial markets over the past decade, and we identify long and short-term gains that may create a taxable event. 


The 2018 tax reform has posed a few challenges for collectors who wish to curate change within their collection. If appropriate, we will share tax strategies we see large family offices using to postpone capital gains for generations. 

For many long-time collectors, delaying capital gains is the most prudent solution for maintaining the full value of the assets.  We will share trust strategies used by leading family offices across the country, and our tax attorney will assist you or your team in setting up a Collector Car Sales Trust for your estate needs. 


Long term, low interest, interest-only loans are often available for collections exceeding $2M or more in value.  When collectors look for liquidity for additional collector car purchases, investments or business needs; these are usually a recommended solution. 


Call our team, and we will send an NDA so we can communicate confidentially about your needs.