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Orderly Sale of Collections 

Collectors Financial Becomes Your Fiduciary, Maximizing Your Opportunity

As your fiduciary, Collectors Financial will conduct a data-driven, orderly sale of your collector car assets with the intent of helping you maximize the value of the collection. 

We have helped university trustees, executors, and NASCAR team owners manage the orderly sale of collections, using historic sales and market data and decades of experience to negotiate on their behalf.


It typically starts with conditioning and appraising the assets, conducting a market study, identifying the best options, defining the go-to-market strategy, then negotiating with the auction houses. Collectors Financial presents the data to our clients and the negotiated options so they can make intelligent decisions when working with boards, trustees, and executors; it's a transparent process that supports good decisions. 

The process also protects the parties from potential conflicts of interest and claims of self-dealing. We typically recommend the sale at a public auction to maximize value and transparency. 

Once decisions are made, Collectors Financial manages all aspects of the process, including vehicle preparation, photography, video, documentation, marketing, logistics, transportation, and on-site execution through the completion of the sale. 

Collectors Financial is paid for our services after our clients receive the sale's proceeds directly from the auction house. 

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