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This Is Singer and Williams's Lightweight, 500-HP Wildly Reimagined Porsche 911

Singer Vehicle Design and Williams F1 have worked together to create a 911 restoration like no other.

BY CHRIS PERKINS of Road & Track, NOV 14, 2017

This summer, Singer Vehicle Design and Williams released the first details on their wildly modified air-cooled Porsche flat-six, an engine set to be installed into a restored 964. Now, that reimagined 911 makes its debut in these computer renderings, and Singer and Williams have released more details on the restoration project. It looks absolutely incredible.

The team from Singer undertook a "Dynamics and Lightweighting Study" with Williams F1 engineers and this car, owned by Porsche collector Scott Blattner, will be the first fruits of that study. To reduce the weight on Blattner's restored 964, Singer and Williams used carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, and magnesium throughout. The result is a dry weight of just 2180 lbs, making Blattner's restored car weigh about as much as a 1960s 911, when it's completed.

Singer and Williams also worked with Norbert Singer (despite the name, he has no relation to Singer Vehicle Design) the man behind countless Porsche Le Mans wins, on optimizing the aero on Blattner's 964 restoration using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). In the renderings here, we can see that Blattner's restoration has all sorts of scoops channeling air around the body. It even looks like there's a scoop on the roof that channels air to the ducktail spoiler, and Ford GT-esque outlets in the tail lights.

The suspension on Blattner's restoration has been optimized and light weighted too, though we're still waiting on more details about that. We do know that the dampers are custom units made by EXE-TC.

Those wheels look like the Fuchs alloys you'd see on an old 911, but they're not. They're forged magnesium 18-inch monobloc units made by BBS with center-locking hubs. The wheels are wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, and they're completely, utterly gorgeous.

We've already written about the engine in Blattner's restoration in-depth, but we'll detail some of the highlights here. It's based off a 3.6-liter flat-six from a 1990 911, but it's been modified with four camshafts, four-valve cylinder heads, a dual oil circuits, titanium connecting rods, aluminum throttle bodies, carbon fiber intake trumpets, and a carbon fiber air box. It makes 500 hp, and it should rev beyond 9000 rpm.

Hans Mezger, the guy who designed the original Porsche flat-six and so many of the company's Le Mans-winning engines had a hand in this motor too. It's fed by two intakes built into the rear quarter windows, and it comes equipped with a titanium and inconel exhaust. It sounds, unsurprisingly, amazing. And the best part? All of this is hooked up to a six-speed H-pattern gearbox made by Hewland.

Chris Harris and Marino Franchitti are handling the development work for Blattner's restoration, which will receive many of its modifications in the UK in a new Singer facility on Williams' campus. Singer will offer these crazy 911 restoration services to 75 additional clients starting today, so call them up if this sounds appealing.

But be prepared to spend a lot. Singer hasn't yet announced pricing publically, but we'd bet the cost will exceed $1 million. It might just be worth it.

Photo Credits to Daniel Simon Design

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